Dr. Walid Alhabashy

Dr. Walid Alhabashy works as Anaesthesia and ICU consultant in Dorset County Hospital, NHS trust, UK. He started work in the UK in 2021 after having trained in Ireland for 6 years and worked in Saudi Arabia for 11 years. He holds a multitude of qualifications in Anesthesia, Critical Care, Simulation, and Critical Care Echocardiography. The title of his MD thesis was Critical Care Echocardiography in Septic Shock Patients.

He the founder and current director of Saving lives Academy, which conducts more than 5 different courses & conferences every year.

Dr Alhabashy has vast experience in teaching internationally with multiple societies. He is committed to teaching Critical Care Ultrasound and Echocardiography. He is the author of the Critical care Echocardiography Handbook and has authored multiple research projects as both first and co-author in the fields of Point-of-care Echocardiography and Ultrasound.